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Quotes from Patients with Surgical Site Infections

Noticed it [infection] on Sunday, waited because I didn't want to have to go to the ER until I could talk to a nurse … I called the number and then I got put on hold and then run through like three different people before I finally got to a nurse.
First I called the nurse's hotline or whatever. And I talked to them, and it was hard to get a hold of anyone who even knew what was going on with my case or anything.
And again, same situation, [they said] 'if you're worried about it, go to an emergency room...'
I contacted them and they said well, you have an appointment here in a few days. Let's just wait it out and see… I felt a little put off. Like their sense of urgency for me wasn't really there.
just sent [the photo]… thought it would just be easier… Instead of just kind of explaining it. Sometimes it's easier with pictures.
I thought that was very good to be able to send them an actual picture of what was happening… a little more hands on than ‘okay - this is…’ - trying to describe it over the phone ... The nurse commented about how good that was too to have a picture to look at.

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